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Random Thoughts

Lauren Jones from U Toronto asks I have a question about semantics. You use the word "random" to describe both the treatment assignment variables D in RCTs, and also to describe the outcome variables Y in regression analysis. "Random" means something different in the first application than in the second. Indeed, you explain that Y […]
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regression: BLP not BLUE!

Scott Cunningham asks a big picture question regarding pedagogy in MHE: In chapter 3, you emphasize early on the important property of prediction. For example, Theorem 3.1.2 and 3.1.5. In my econometrics training years ago, early initiation into regression focused more on OLS as BLUE than as BLP (best linear predictor). I was curious why, […]
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Possibly Harmful Econometrics?

Northwestern finance Prof Bernard Black describes some interesting causality bloopers, a valuable caution for students and teachers alike!
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