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Just a little off

Careful reader John Bullock writes: I think that there may be a small error on page 185 of Mostly Harmless Econometrics. It lies with the y-axes for the panels of Figure 4.5.1. Those panels are from pages 32-33 of Acemoglu and Angrist 2001 (http://www.nber.org/chapters/c11054.pdf), but in the Acemoglu-Angrist article, the y-axes range from -.03 to […]
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MHE p. 13 t-stats

How many have asked, you ask? Too many! Here’s the data and a program to do ’em. http://economics.mit.edu/faculty/angrist/data1/mhe/mhe
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Eagle-eyed Robson Santos notes: In the last paragraph of p. 55, the expectations of $f_{i}(s−4)$ is taken and the expectation of $f_{i}(s−1)$ is not. The text reads: Conditional on $X_{i}$, the average causal effect of one-year increase in schooling is $E[f_{i}(s)−f_{i}(s−1)|X_{i}]$, while the average causal effect of a four-year increase in schooling is $E[f_{i}(s)−E[f_{i}(s−4)]|X_{i}]$ In […]
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Perry Preschool Subjects are Ageless

Observant reader Oliver Jones noticed that the Perry subjects can not be age 27 in 1993, as we mistakenly implied on page 11.  Rather, 1993 is the publication date of a study looking at the Perry subjects when they were 27.
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Hey baby, what’s your name?

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Fixed effects (DD) and LDV bracketing example

On p. 246, we reference Guryan (2004) as a scenario where DD and lagged dependent variables methods bracket the causal effect of interest (see also Section 5.4) . . . except that the editors and/or referees wrote that out of Guryan’s script.  This argument does appear, however, in his 2001 working paper, available here
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Covariate Contradiction?

Thoughtful reader Nikhil from UBC asks: I had a question regarding LATE. In your book you say in a model with covariates, 2SLS leads to a sort of "covariate averaged LATE" even when one does not have a saturated model. Does this mean that as one introduces covariates the 2SLS estimator is most likely to […]
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good eye!

Hui Cao from China caught this one . . . and it’s in the “corrected printing” to boot! On 6/21/11 12:44 PM, 晖 曹 wrote: On page 75:  [p(Xi=x|Di=1)(1-p(Xi=x|Di=1)] should be [p(Di=1|Xi=x)(1-P(Di=1|Xi=x)} Yes indeed!
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keep those corrections coming!

our corrected printing notwithstanding, we certainly didn’t catch them all . . . here’s a few more from Aron “eagle-eye” Tobias at Yale: The book is really great but I need not tell you that since you probably know that already. What I would like to share with you is some possible typos (all are […]
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Corrections Coming!

Princeton University Press has graciously released a corrected version of MHE.  This is not a new edition (we’re still recovering from the first!).  But we’ve corrected the mistakes uncovered by careful readers in the past 18 months.  The corrected version is now in print and should be shipping soon from Amazon and other big retailers. […]
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