Real examples of how Mostly Harmless Econometrics is being used in the classroom.

Data sets and programs used to produce some of the empirical results in the book are available in the MHE Data Archive.

At MIT, Josh uses MHE paired with Wooldridge’s undergrad text. Here’s is Josh’s reading list.

At MIT, Josh uses MHE for a graduate course in applied econometrics.

At HEC Montréal, Decio Coviello uses MHE for a course called Applied Econometrics.

In the Michigan Econ department, Jeff Smith uses MHE for a graduate course in Empirical Microeconometrics (with Wooldridge and Cameron and Trivedi, 2005).

At the University of Houston, Adriana Kugler uses MHE with Wooldridge’s graduate text, Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data for a Topics In Applied Econometrics Ph.D. course.

At the University of Michigan School of Education, Sue Dynarski uses MHE for a course on causal inference in education research.

Sue also uses MHE for a course on applied regression at the Michigan Policy School.

At UC Irvine, Marianne Bitler uses MHE for a graduate empirical methods course.

At London School of Economics and Political Science, Radha Iyengar uses MHE for a Masters-level empirical methods course.

At LSE, Steve uses MHE for a Ph.D. short course and, paired with Stock and Watson, for a Masters course in econometric methods.

At MIT, Jerry Hausman combines MHE with Green for a killer undergrad seminar

At Tulane University, Keith Finlay is using MHE in his graduate Applied Econometrics course.

At Stanford, Jens Hainmueller teaches a course on quantitative methods for political science grad students.

At the Harvard School of Public Health, Jessica Cohen uses MHE for a course on Econometric Methods.

At Notre Dame, Bill Evans uses MHE for his graduate econometrics course (with Wooldridge).

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